It's World Password Day. Make your passwords uncrackable

Yes, passwords are a pain, but a few steps can make them more manageable

I'm pretty sure you don't need an official password day to remember that an insane number of passwords get leaked all the time. Still, if there's any day to strengthen your password, today's a good day. 

The World Password Day site, from Intel, tells us that 90% of all passwords are vulnerable, and the 500 most common passwords have been found in 79% of the 6 million users' accounts analysed.

What about yours?

The Password Day site offers plenty of reminders and tips, such as using a password manager; different passwords for your bank, email, and other sites; and choosing length over complexity. There's even a password blaster game, which tumbles leaked password down the screen for you to shoot down--and if you see any that look like yours, it's definitely time to go change them.

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