Get around Netflix throttling with a VPN

Don't suffer Netflix slowdowns. Use a VPN to get the speed you deserve

Netflix users have been complaining of drastically slow speeds, particularly on Comcast and Verizon FiOS internet services. If Netflix streaming seems to be throttled for you, try a VPN to get around this.

Software engineer and Net Neutrality advocate Matt Vukas details his Netflix streaming tests over Comcast versus over a VPN connected to his university campus. The VPN access was significantly faster than the direct connection to Netflix's servers over Comcast. The logical explanation is that since he was using a VPN, Comcast didn't know what kind of sites or services Vukas was accessing (i.e., Netflix) and so left his internet speeds for that traffic untouched. When directly connected to Netflix, however, the streaming slowed to a crawl. (There's a followup article with more details here.) Comcast claims Netflix is slowing down its own streaming, but the VPN test here counters that.

If you have access to a fast internet over VPN, this might be worth a try so you can finally finish that season of House of Cards.

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