Nod: the one ring to rule your devices

We have long desired a replacement for the keyboard and mouse that is less stressful on our hands, but most efforts have fallen short. The Leap Motion seemed to offer promise but fell short due to its need for special drivers and failure to support gaming.

Now there's Nod, a Bluetooth-enabled black Ring you wear on the finger of your choice that allows you to control a device by gesture. It will control any Bluetooth LE-capable device, not just PCs and it doesn't require a surface the way Leap Motion does.


Nod is designed for all-day use and is waterproof. The charging cradle doubles as a ring holder and the ring will reportedly come in 12 different sizes for different sized fingers, plus there will be spacers for adjustments. The ring has a flattened surface with two buttons on it.

So how do it work? This video will give you some idea.

Even with an obviously setup and controlled demo, it's pretty clear that the response time is a bit jerky. Just look at the "Fruit Ninja" segment. That said, Nod is still a work in progress and there is room for improvement, so hopefully it will be a bit more responsive when it ships.

Besides the PC, Android and iOS support, Nod Labs is offering a fully open API so developers can create their own functionality or build device support. Nod Labs is promising a healthy ecosystem of support when the ring ships. It says it will support devices from GoPro, Nest, Philips' Hue, Roku, WeMo, and LG televisions released since 2012.

Nod is taking preorders from its Website at a pre-sale price of $149. The company expects to ship in the fall.

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