Hulu (without the Plus) TV episodes finally coming to mobile

Credit: Source: Hulu

You know what I hate? I hate sitting at my computer watching something on Hulu and thinking "Gee this is pretty good. I'd like to watch this on my tablet while reclining on the couch" and then realizing I can't unless a) I subscribe to Hulu Plus and b) the show I'm watching is available on Hulu Plus. The Hulu vs Hulu Plus system is both annoying and confusing to many consumers.

Yesterday at the Hulu Upfront event the company announced a change that will ease the problem a little bit. Starting this summer you'll be able to watch a selection of full TV episodes (ad supported of course) on your mobile device. These will be available on Android first and later on iOS. There's also an updated Hulu iPhone app coming this summer.

Unfortunately we don't yet know which shows will be offered on mobile for free, but it's a start.

At the same even Hulu also announced they have 6 million Hulu Plus subscribers, and that Deadbeat, the supernatural comedy starring Tyler Labine, has been picked up for a second season. Hulu says it is one of their most-watched shows. Also returning: The Awesomes, Quick Draw and East Los High.

You can learn more about upcoming shows and other announcements from Hulu Upfront on the Hulu Blog.

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