Accessible gaming arcade opens in Toronto

In today's accessible technology roundup: Disabled gamers in Toronto can now try out accessible gaming technology, a school in England creates a new dyslexic-friendly font and more tips for creating accessible web content

Picture of a disabled gamer trying out accessible gaming controllersImage credit: The AbleGamers Foundation
Trying out accessible gaming controls at the 2012 Abilities Expo in Chicago

Last month in Toronto, The AbleGamers Foundation opened a new Accessibility Arcade, a place where disabled gamers can try out the latest in accessible gaming technology to determine what works best for them before buying. The new arcade, hosted by the University of Toronto’s Semaphore Research Cluster, joins a similar arcade in Washington, D.C. and is open to the public via appointment. For more information, contact Semaphore Research Coordinator Amy Ratelle at [via The Globe and Mail

Here are some other recent news items and information about the development of accessible technology:

Was there other news or interesting information from the world of accessible technology that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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