GW Micro and Ai Squared tie the knot

In today's accessible technology roundup: The makers of Window-Eyes and ZoomText merge, a sneak peak at accessibility improvements in Drupal 8 and a host of tips for making your website or mobile app more accessible

merge-600x450_0.jpgImage credit: flickr/Roland Tanglao (license)
The makers of two popular web accessibiliy tools are becoming one

The big news from the accessible technology world last week was the announced merger of GW Micro, the makers of the Window-Eyes screenreader, and Ai Squared, the makers of the ZoomText screen magnifier. The GW Micro team will now become part of Ai Squared and will continue to support Window-Eyes. Crista Earl of the American Federation for the Blind offered some thoughts on what this merger will mean for customers. [via Interactive Accessibility]

Here are some other recent news items and information about the development of accessible technology:

  • Drupal 8’s core accessibility maintainer Mike Gifford wrote last week about the accessibility improvements coming in Drupal 8 core, including adoption of HTML5 and ARIA, improved color contrast and underlining main content links by default.

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day is coming up next week (May 15th). Here are some great ways to participate.

  • Confused about what exactly constitutes a “decorative image” and how best to deal with it for accessibility purposes? Dey Alexander of 4 Syllables wrote a good article addressing these questions.

  • Are you a mobile developer? Then take a look at this checklist of accessibility requirements recently created by Yura Zenevich, an accessibility engineer at Mozilla.

Finally, here’s a simple but important accessibility tip from Sina Bahram:

Was there other news or interesting information from the world of accessible technology that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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