How to stop Facebook friends from asking you about your relationship status and other details

Short of unfriending a person, you only have two alternatives

Facebook would like to know more about you. So the social network has added another prompt to get your friends to ask you for your relationship status (in addition to other information, such as where you work or live). If you don't care to be asked on Facebook, there are two things you can try.

Currently all of your friends will have that "ask" button when they see your profile and you haven't filled out that information. If there's a person who's particularly nosey, you can restrict him or her to seeing only the stuff you're sharing publicly on Facebook--without the "ask" button appearing. To do this, you have to add the person to your blocked list. Head to your settings, then the blocking section. Click on "edit" in the "Restricted list" section, select "Friends" from the dropdown menu, and then search for the person to add. Any posts you make that aren't public will also be hidden from this person.

WonderHowTo also suggests a second "method," but it doesn't really protect your privacy: Fill in the relationship status section. You could lie, I guess, if you want. Or maybe just unfriend Facebook friends who bug you.

Too bad Facebook doesn't just let us turn off this "ask" feature.

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