Smart grill? Or smartypants grill? [CARTOON]

Maybe some devices should just remain dumb

Cartoon showing a woman on a deck holding a plate of hamburgers and hot dogs. She's looking at her husband who has hand on the lid of a big grill. He says 'This new smart grill is a little too smart. It won't even let me open it.' In between them, the grill is saying 'He's trying to cook! Danger! Call 911!'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
No thanks

This coming Monday here in the United States is Memorial Day, which also doubles as the unofficial start of the summer grilling seaon. Grilling is one of my favorite things; opening up a beer, firing up the grill and cooking some meat over an open flame. Sure, maybe I occasionally cook something a little too long (or way too long, depending how many beers get opened) or lose a few body hairs in the process, but who cares, really? Just standing over the fire, flipping those burgers, dogs or chicken is most of the fun.

That’s why news of coming smart grill technology doesn’t get me too excited. I don’t want my grill deciding when the food is done or otherwise making me expenable. That’s one device I’d prefer remain dumb.

BTW, if you want to geek up your Memorial Day barbeque, here are some tips that I provided last summer.

Anyway, have a great holiday everyone! Try not to burn down the deck.

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