Speed up Dropbox syncing with the new streaming sync

The experimental build syncs larger files more quickly

Dropbox is testing a new streaming sync feature that starts synchronizing files before they're fully uploaded to the Dropbox server. This is a handy feature if you have large files you want to sync between devices regularly.

As Ghacks points out, to get this feature, you'll need to install the latest experimental build for Dropbox (vs 2.9) for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the Dropbox forums.

In addition to the streaming sync, which speeds up syncing large files by downloading them in the background, the new Dropbox beta also improves initial sync performance, adds a scrollable tray pop-up, and adds new screens to tell you when your Dropbox is full.

Of course, you can just wait until the streaming sync feature comes to the stable version of Dropbox, but why wait any longer? (Dual meaning intended.)

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