Simple tricks for saving time on your job hunt

Blindingly obvious, simple hacks to make the process easier

Job hunting and organization are two less-than-favorite tasks of many a professional, but Brazen Careerists' Marian Schembari says a little of the latter can greatly help with the former.

For instance, if the application process requires filling out an actual job application online, save lengthy answers or lists in a document for simple cutting and pasting. This is so obvious and simple, many don't do it. For example, If an application asks for recent accomplishments or a list of skills, you can simply Ctrl C, Ctrl V and save yourself valuable typing and proofreading time.

Even better, that cheat sheet document can help in another way:

"For your next pesky phone screening, keep these questions open during the call so you can quickly reference your best answers," she advises. "The more you do this, the more comfortable you’ll get answering these questions. (I’ve memorized most of mine by now, which is a bonus since I began to sound really articulate during those calls.)"

Another: Save every version of a cover letter you submit - this should be a given, but just in case. Given you tweak your cover letter for each job, saving each version as a template for the position can save you time customizing if a similar opportunity arises. You have plenty of memory, use it.

“Each template should include your favorite accomplishments relevant to the role you want," Schembari says.

Click below for tips on how a spreadsheet and a calendar can aid your search, as well.

via Brazen Careerist

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