5 free iOS productivity apps you need right now

Get more out of your iPhone or iPad without spending a penny.

Got an iOS device and want to be more productive? Then check out five of my favorite free productivity apps -- every one of them free.

Documents Free

If you're looking for a simple-to-use app that will let you edit text files and spreadsheets on an iOS device, this is one to check out. It also syncs files to Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Box. No, it's not packed with tons of features, but when you're looking for something that loads fast and is a breeze to use, it's worth a try.


Do you have files spread out among multiple cloud services? Then you need the free AirFile. No more having to go to each service to manage them. AirFile lets you manage all of your cloud services from a single location. It handles a slew of them, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Copy, Amazon S3, and WebDAV, among others. You can transfer files between services, edit text files and send them back to the cloud, play music, and more.

Documents 5

Need to not just read PDF files, but annotate them as well? Give this app a try. It reads and annotates PDF files, but does more than that. You can also manage your downloads, manage your files, and view other file types as well.


This weirdly named app gets its name from the phrase: "If this, then that." And that should give you a hint about what it does. It's a great tool that automates just about anything you need to do on your phone, for example, auto-saving all of your Instagram photos to Drop Box, notifying you when an iPhone app goes from paid to free, adding events to your Google calendar via email, and more. You won't have to write a line of code to do it. People also share their favorite "recipes" for automating things -- the examples I gave are all examples of what people have done and shared.


Think of this as your unpaid electronic assistant. It automates simple tasks, such as adding to your contacts from email, eliminating duplicates in contacts, keeping track of tickets and boarding passes, and much more.

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