This is why developers make iOS apps first

It's no secret developers make iPhone and iPad apps before Android and other mobile apps. Here are the reasons.

If you've ever wondered why iPhone and iPad users get the newest apps while Android users have to wait months or even an eternity to get their version, this blog post from Mobiversal offers an answer.

Quite a few answers actually. It all comes down to: Money (iOS users are more willing to pay for apps than Android users) and ease of creation (building for iOS is straightforward; Android fragmentation means taking into account the great diversity of Android phones and tablets). So even though Android might have 80% of the smartphone market, developers are more likely to create their apps for iOS first.

Don't worry, Android users, there's hope yet. Outlier Olha Musakovska says on the Mobiversal post that Android should go first, because it's easier to catch up with iPhone later. The huge device fragmentation is, she thinks, a plus.

Personally, I think Android is a better choice for beginning developers, even if iOS might be more profitable. It mostly depends on the developers' goals.

Anyway, that, my friends, is why you'll most often hear about a new app available for iOS first.

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