No power? No problem. How to spend money the old fashioned way [CARTOON]

Kids today couldn’t spend their way out of a paper bag if there was no electricity

Credit: Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

Last weekend I took my kids out with me to run a few errands. We bought a few things at CVS, picked up some fresh bagels and then bought a few things at the supermarket. At each stop I did something I feel like I never do anymore: I paid for all of it with cash. It honestly felt a little odd. I didn’t pull out my credit card or cell phone to pay for any of it. How old school!

It made me think that my kids are growing up in a world where the only cash transaction they see involves the tooth fairy. And even that is probably old fashioned. We should probably be paying them in Bitcoins when they lose teeth. Or get them Square readers so the tooth fairy can just swipe her credit card.

Anyway, make sure your kids know how to use cash! You never know when the power will go out and they’ll need that skill.

Have a great weekend!

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