1 in 4 IT pros plan to change jobs in 2014

Nearly one-third recruited out of the blue last year

IT is a booming field with excellent pay, solid job prospects and a tiny unemployment rate, but that won't stop pros from seeking better opportunities this year, according to a new survey.

New data from a joint CareerBuilder/Sologig.com survey finds that 25% of IT pros plan to change jobs in 2014. That figure is up significantly from 2013, when only 15% intended to find a new employer.

"In one sense, this is good news for the tech job market. When workers sense they have options, it’s a sign that job demand is healthy and wages are on the rise," notes CareerBuilder CTO Eric Presley.

Tech pros continue to be in demand regardless of whether they're looking: 27% noted they were recruited over the past year without having applied for a job.

Survey authors note that a drop in overall job satisfaction numbers from 2013 may be one reason behind the new figures. Only 65% of those polled were happy with their jobs, as opposed to 72% in 2013. The satisfaction numbers for IT employees remain higher than the average for all workers, which dropped from 66% to 59% this past year.

Presley says employers will have to focus more on convincing their best tech talent to stay put. Management would be wise to consult the data below as the survey also asked IT pros which aspects of a job are more important than salary:

  • Job stability: 69%
  • Location: 64%
  • Good work culture: 60%
  • Affordable benefit plans: 57%
  • Good career advancement opportunities: 40%
  • Ability to telecommute: 40% (compared to 19% for workers across all occupations)
  • Ability to offer flexible schedules: 40%
  • Learning opportunities: 40%

via CareerBuilder

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