5 top free productivity tools for Chromebooks

Power up your Chromebook with these great productivity boosters.

Want to get more out of your Chromebook? Then check out these five great productivity tools, every one of them free.

Zoho Docs

You certainly know all about Google Drive and Google Docs for your Chromebooks, but you may not know about Zoho Docs, which is even better. It's a combination of cloud-based storage, productivity suite, and collaboration tools. Create and share spreadsheets, presentations, Word documents, pictures, videos, and more. It's free for personal use, although you'll have to pay if you use it for business.

Wave Accounting

Finding work is one thing; getting paid for it and managing your books entirely another. That's where Wave Accounting comes in. It makes it easy to create invoices, track payments, keep tabs on your expenses, generate accounting reports, and more. You can even use it to collaborate with your accountant.


Here's a great collaboration and brainstorming tool for teams. It's essentially a giant whiteboard, but an interactive one that lets you and others collaborate online. Upload documents, screen captures, and just about anything you want and then use collaboration tools including sketching, highlighting, chat, videoconferencing, and others. The basic service is free, but for more advanced features you'll have to fork over $8 per month.


This great note-taking tool lets you do far more than just create and save notes -- you can also save Web pages, multimedia content, bookmarks, and much more, in fact, just about anything. Springpad then organizes it all into notebooks and lets you share with others.


Part of just about everyone's workday is spending time on social media. That can be a big productivity-sapper. HootSuite solves the problem. Manage and monitor all of your social media accounts, watch real-time feeds, post to multiple services, and track social media statistics. It works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and others.

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