Accessible technology development roundup: Using GitHub to comment on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

A new way to comment on WCAG, a new Android-based Braille phone and tips for making websites accessible to those with dyslexia

Here are some interesting news items and information about the development of accessible technology that I've read in the last week.

github_smoothie-290x218_0.jpgImage credit: flickr/Antonio Silveira
A new way to comment on WCAG 2.0

You can now offer comments on the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) via GitHub, by forking and cloning the repository, editing the source XML documents and submitting a pull request.

An Android-based Braille phone with tactile features will reportedly be released in India next month.

Nokia and the Royal National Institute of Blind People recently announced the winners of their Do Good Mission contest, the aim of which was to develop Windows Phone apps for people with low vision.

OCAD University in Toronto (formerly known as the Ontario College of Art & Design) is looking for a Senior Inclusive Developer, to help interactive and accessible web applications.

Speaking of people with low vision, here's a great read for anyone developing websites on what it's like for a blind person to navigate the Internet. Among the things to keep in mind: screen readers reduce a two dimensional display to one dimension and auto-refreshing a page wreaks havoc with a screen reader.

Mark Miller wrote this month on Ghotoit how techniques used to make websites accessible to low or no vision users can also benefit those with dyslexia. Here's a related piece from a couple of years ago on bad design practices that make sites less accessible to dyslexic users.

If you're running a WordPress site, here's a write up on how to make it more accessible by using the WP Accessibility plugin.

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