The seven deadly email sins

We're all probably guilty of at least one of these

There's no doubt about it: Email, while useful and necessary for most of us, is also an incredible pain. Researchers from London's Kingston University have identified some of the worst email habits that hurt not only ourselves but those we email as well.

Dr. Emma Russell, an occupational psychology, looked at 28 email users from different companies to see which habits were the worst offenders. The results probably won't surprise you They include things like requesting read receipts with every email sent, playing email "ping pong" (where email is used like instant messaging, with quick responses on both sides creating a giant email chain), and responding to email after hours. The phrase "email overload" comes to mind.

Here are the 7 deadly email sins, as reported by Which are you guilty of?

Seven deadly email sins:

  1. Ping pong - constant emails back and forth creating long chains 
  2. Emailing out of hours 
  3. Emailing while in company 
  4. Ignoring emails completely 
  5. Requesting read receipts 
  6. Responding immediately to an email alert 
  7. Automated replies

For your sanity and those you email with, consider embracing the rules of the Email Charter.

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