Quick tip: A faster way to search Google for more information

Drag-n-drop, baby

Most people probably search the web for more information they're reading about like this: Open new tab, go to search box or omnibox, type in search phrase, and hit enter. There are faster ways to do this, already built into your browser.

In the page that you're reading, highlight the word or phrase you want to search (double-click on a word for faster highlighting), hold down your mouse button when you click on it, then drag that term to the "new tab" button at the top of the browser. WonderHowTo points out that this works in Chrome and Firefox.

Not fast enough for you? Instead of dragging and dropping, just right-click on your highlighted term and select the "Search Google" option, which works on Safari as well as Chrome and Firefox, although in Safari you have to hold down the Command key if you want the search to be done in a new tab.

Even better, if all you're looking for is a quick definition of a word, try the Google Dictionary extension for Chrome, which pops up a definition of any word you double-click on a page, as well as a link to more information or a separate search. (If you know of any similar extensions for other browsers, please add 'em in the comments.)

Happy Googling!

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