Step-by-step: Your social media job-hunting guide

How to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more to find a job

Social media's role in job hunting is large and continues to grow quickly, which is why Ciphr's "Ultimate Social Media Guide To Getting a Job" is outstanding and incredibly useful.

After all, 37% of companies such social media to research candidates, 94% use it to recruit and 44% have hired through social media.

You hear it all the time: Use social media to find a job! But, how do you do it, exactly?

Whether it's Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blogging, Ciphr's step-by-step chart shows you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.

For example, Twitter is exploding with IT jobs; 24% of all IT jobs are posted there. How do you use it to land one? According to Ciphr:

Step 1: Treat your profile like a business card. Describe your profession, use specific keywords and link to your personal Web site.

Step 2: Share and comment. Share articles about companies you'd like to work for and comment on them. PM industry leaders with professional content.

Step 3: Follow prospective companies. Use the same hashtags as those companies. Interact with industry leaders via comment, RTs, etc.

Click below for step-by-step guides to the other social media sites mentioned above, complete with how-to pictures.

via Ciphr

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