Your software developer interview cheat sheet

Answers to prep for developer interview questions

If you're heading into an interview for a new developer gig, Undercover Recruiter's Andrew Fairley has your cheat sheet for tackling questions designed to show your true colors.

"Asking these questions helps identify passionate, driven and quality-focused developers who will be a boon to any client," he notes.

One question: How do you approach your documentation?

Fairley says this answer will show potential employers whether a candidate has a "quality-focused approach to their work."

"Good documentation is key to successful projects; ask any developer and they will list hundreds of examples of spaghetti code they can’t make heads or tails of, with no documentation to explain what the heck is going on," he says.

Another query: What beta toys are you playing with?

Fairley says this question is designed to gauge whether the candidate stays on top of evolving tech.

"At the very least, if a developer isn’t using the most up-to-date tools at work, he should be playing with them at home, or risk getting left behind. Playing with beta tools and latest technologies again shows that vital desire to learn, as knowledge becomes defunct rapidly in the tech world," he adds.

Click below for more common developer interview questions, as well as that sweet 1984 Time cover featuring Bill Gates and a five-and-a-quarter floppy.

via Undercover Recruiter

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