The 10 jobs with a 99 percent likelihood of being automated in the next couple of decades

The robots are coming...

Self-driving cars, computerized surgeries, and robots that take your order. Forget about human outsourcing, the biggest workforce shift for nearly half of Americans in the next decade or two might be caused by automation. 

We've already seen software and robots replacing manufacturing and office administration jobs--ones that are based more on routine than on making management decisions. The trend is likely to get worse. 

Highlighting a paper publisehed at the University of Oxford by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, the Atlantic serves as the harbiner of doom for workers in several industries and occupations. Inevitable technological progress, they say, will continue to eat into jobs in manufacturing, administrative support, retail, and transportation in "a decade or two." 

Here's a chart of the ten jobs with a 99% likelihood of being replaced by technology and those less likely to be automated:

jobs and automation

So it looks like jobs that deal with other humans may be safest from being taken over from robots. It's something to keep in mind whether you're deciding on your next career move or how to improve your future stability in your current occupation (i.e., no one's joking when they recommend improving your "soft skills").

As for me, am I scared? Yes, very, very scared, thanks to things like this idea content generator and the Upworthy generator. The robots, actually, are already here.

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