Netflix to spend $3 billion on content this year

Credit: Source: Netflix

We've got a few Netflix news items to discuss today. Talk about a company that's been through a roller coaster ride of public opinion; in fact I've lost track of whether the Internet currently loves or hates them. Maybe it depends on the day. When they lose the streaming rights to something we want to watch we hate them, and when they add something good we love them.

Assuming that thesis is correct, we should be spending a lot more time loving the company over the next 12 months. According to a post at GigaOm Netflix plans to spend $3 billion on content this year, and $6.2 billion over the next 36 months. I'm reading between the lines somewhat but that sounds pretty 'front-loaded' towards this year and I'm wondering if they have some big (and expensive) deals they're working on that will come online in 2014.

At the least, you have to think that with an expenditure of $3 billion there'll be something to watch, right?

Season 2 of Netflix original House of Cards is coming on February 14th, and already Neflix has committed to a 3rd season, according to a post at Deadline. So we have that to look forward to, but I assume not until 2015.

Last for today, the company is raising $400 million to help fund expansion into Europe, as well as to help pay that $3 billion content bill. Exactly what parts of Europe hasn't been confirmed but pundits seem to be leaning towards France and Germany.

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