Try the salmon, but make sure your camera flash is on [CARTOON]

Maybe restaurants should consider how photogenic their dishes are

A couple ordering dinner at a restaurant. The waiter says, 'I would recommend the salmon in creamy dill sauce. It'll look spectacular on Instagram.'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
The salmon with dill sauce is particularly picturesque today

My wife, two daughters (ages 11 and 14) and I went to out dinner last weekend. We don't do it very often (we cook a lot and order in once in a while), so when we do it's a bit of an event. The girls weren't allowed to use their phones during dinner (neither was dad, sadly). Normally, between my daughters and I, lots of pictures get taken at just about any event and posted to various social media sites (the girls like Instagram, I'm partial to Tumblr and my wife tends to put pics on Facebook). So, it was a bit unusual to go through dinner without anyone taking a picture of the food.

Had a great dinner out last night with the family, but no pics of it were posted to social media, so I'm not sure that it actually happened.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about all those pictures of all that food that we all take and share on social media and via Snapchat and things like that. Maybe restaurants should start advertising the photogenic qualities of their food. Who knows? It could help generate a little more business.

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