The simplest, yet most critical, LinkedIn advice everyone overlooks

One step that will save your Profile and your reputation

Resume expert Laura Smith-Proulx has an astoundingly simple - yet overlooked - piece of advice for LinkedIn users:

Before you hit Save after editing your Profile, copy the text, paste it into a Word doc and spell check.

Although ridiculously quick and easy, it's a move Smith-Proulx says is easily neglected.

For instance, when recently reviewing LinkedIn Profiles, Smith-Proulx found the following:

"Information Technology spelled as 'Ifnormation Technology' in the HEADLINE of an IT candidate (ouch!)

Perform shown as 'Preform' throughout the Profile Summary of an Administrative Assistant (who also claimed 'attention to detail' as one of her strong suits)"

"One can only imagine the reaction of employers to these errors," she adds. "Even if you’ve read all the hot tips for writing your LinkedIn Profile and faithfully added keywords to draw traffic, recruiters will be turned off by finding obvious slip-ups in your writing."

If the No. 1 piece of LinkedIn advice is "Complete your Profile", spell-check has to be No. 1A. Even the attractiveness of a complete Profile won't sway a potential employer, client or peer who spots a glaring typo in prime Profile real estate. After all, more than half of recruiters say they will immediately dismiss an applicant if they spot a typo on the resume, don't risk the same result with your LinkedIn Profile.

Click below for Smith-Proulx's advice on easily creating a typo-free Profile.

via Career Rocketeer

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