How to exit a job without burning bridges

Tips for leaving a job with your reputation intact

With a red-hot job market, 1 in 4 IT pros plans to change jobs this year, which means many will be leaving one company - hopefully in good standing - for another.

Careerealism's Michael Peggs has excellent advice on how to "break up" with your boss with your reputation - and future reference - intact.

His primary piece of advice: Train your replacement. If the person hasn't been hired, train someone on staff to cover for you until a replacement is hired.

"You have a wealth of knowledge that might surprise even you," he notes. "You will not have enough time to share everything and experience is the best teacher, but you can cut the learning curve."

Peggs also recommends writing everything down: your responsibilities, how-tos, even a job description to help find the person to take your place.

"Create a jumpstart document that includes internal resources, key contacts and best practices for excelling on Day One," he adds.

Another tip: Tie up any loose ends.

"No one knows your sphere of influence like you do, and it would prove impossible for most people to pick up where you left off," Peggs says. "Don’t assume that your work no longer bears any significance. Quickly complete any open projects, and leave instructions for anything you can’t finish."

Click below for more tips on exiting gracefully, including how to leave constructive criticism without burning your bridges.

via Careerealism

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