Intel challenges innovators to build the next great wearable device

Got an idea for a wearable device? Make it.

Wearable technology was all over CES. And it seems as if it is everywhere I turn since I got back. Watches that feed data from your pocketed phone to your eyes, fitness trackers that feed biometrics to your phone, glasses that feed information about the world to your eyes and the Web, baby clothes that track body temperature and feed it to your phone. A chip designed to make the creation of even smaller wearable devices easier for developers.

And this is probably just the beginning. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that if you wished you were born in an era when people were inventing computers in their garage so you could have been one of them, maybe you should consider biohacking?

Right now wearables are fairly simple things we strap on to help us interact better with the Internet or our smart phone. But that will very likely change. The medical industry is contemplating body monitors so small you can swallow them and use them to regulate drug dosage wirelessly. A Fit Bit that looks like a Band-Aid? A prosthetic arm that can send sensation to the brain?

Come on! These are cool times to be living … and thinking … in.

The thing that made that earlier revolution in computing happen was smart people tinkering, thinking, and looking forward. This is just as good a time to do that as that was. Just look forward, smaller. And more wearable.

Intel launched not only a chip designed to foster a future of wearable technologies but a challenge: Anyone out there that has an idea for wearable technology should come forward and make it happen.

Watch the video. Sign up. And start thinking up something we all want to wear.

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