Rumors of a new model Apple TV making the rounds

Credit: Source: Apple

There's a lot of buzz this week about a new version of Apple TV that's in the works. We've heard this before, of course. I finally bought an Apple TV last fall after delaying the purchase over and over because of rumors that a new version was right around the corner.

Bloomberg had the story this week, and mentioned a deal with Time Warner Cable as something that could impact the timeline of the launch.

This is probably less exciting than it may first sound. Time Warner Cable has an app for the Roku that let's you stream content, provided you're already a TWC subscriber. I'm guessing that this deal between Apple and TWC is about the same kind of functionality. Don't get my wrong, I'm not knocking it. Having that Roku app let me save the $10/month I was paying TWC for a cable box upstairs. It's natural that Apple would want to offer the same kind of functionality.

The new Apple TV (assuming the rumors are correct) will still be a set-top box (in the past there've been whispers that Apple would just produce a stand-alone television set with Apple support built in), but with a faster processor of course. It's also supposed to get a new interface, which would be most welcome and which I hope will be available for existing Apple TVs too.

Bloomberg says the new Apple TV will be announced in April and will launch for the holiday season. That doesn't sound right to me. When's the last time Apple allowed such a gap between product announcement and the opportunity to purchase? Either they'll announce it in April and put it on sale in May or so, or they'll hold off on the announcement until Fall. That's just my prediction based on past Apple behavior; I don't have any inside info.

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