Survey: IT salaries on the rise at start-ups

Tech pros happier with pay at start-ups than traditional employers

Salaries for tech professionals employed by start-ups rose 1% over the past year, averaging $85,655 across the U.S., according to the 2014 Dice Salary Survey.

That salary figure was slightly lower than that of their peers at traditional employers, where IT staffers averaged $87,811 in 2013. However, the survey finds that the percentage of tech pros satisfied with their pay was higher at start-ups: 57% for start-up IT staff vs. 54% for traditional.

"One explanation for this brighter, happier state of mind? Tech star-tups’ smaller head counts allow for a closer cultural fit between employer and employee and more one-of-a-kind workplace benefits," notes Dice President Shravan Goli.

With plentiful tech jobs and high salaries abounding across all areas of the U.S.,

workplace perks and company culture continue to play a sizable role in employee satisfaction and retention across traditional and start-up companies. Experts predict employers will have to step up their game to retain their staff.

One motivator are bonuses, which 30% of those at start-ups received last year. At traditional employers, 34% of the tech staff surveyed reported receiving a bonus.

via Dice

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