Winter is a beast; let's stay inside and play videogames this weekend

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It's been a tough week for a lot of us here in the US, hasn't it? Winter just isn't of a mind to give us a break, and even down here in the normally temperate south we've been dealing with snow, ice and slush. I moved out of New England to get away from this mess!

Anyway I'm looking forward to a weekend of staying indoors, warm and dry, and probably playing some video games. If you're in the same state of mind, you might be interested to know that Xbox Live Gold is free this weekend for everyone in the US and Canada who play on the Xbox 360. We Xbox One owners are left out in the cold, so to speak.

Maybe the free Gold weekend is a consolation prize for 360 gamers, since they don't get a chance to play the TitanFall beta which is scheduled to start up today. I applied late, so don't expect to get in but you never know. Apparently they're accepting people into the beta as late as February 17th (the beta runs through the 19th). If you haven't signed up, it only takes a minute to do so and who knows, maybe you'll get lucky. You can sign up for beta on the Xbox One or the PC, but for the later you'll need an Origin account.

I'm pretty awful at shooters so if I do get in, I can guarantee that you won't be the worst person playing the game. That'll be my position. But there's always hope, so I took some time last night to watch this "Tips & Tricks" video from the people are Respawn:

We can also thank the Respawn folk for some changes coming to the Xbox One controller. As part of the February Xbox One firmware patch that we've already talked about, the sensitivity of the XB1 controller's thumbsticks will get tweaked, and these changes have been made in cooperation with Respawn. Microsoft is really going all-in on TitanFall.

Playstation 3 owners also have a big treat for this weekend. The first and only single player DLC for The Last of Us launches today. It's called Left Behind and it covers a period before the events of the main game. The story is about Ellie, who we of course know, and her pal Riley, who we've only heard about before now.

I can't wait to jump into this. The Last of Us was my favorite game of 2013 and one of my favorite games of all time. I wonder if I'll be able to resist starting another play-through once I finish the DLC.

So those are my 'goof off and escape from winter' plans for this weekend. Play Left Behind, hope for a beta invite to TitanFall, and if that doesn't come through I'll keep building crazy stuff in EverQuest Next Landmark (which is in alpha and still pretty rough but also is lots of fun). What about you? Have anything fun planned?

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