Where to find IT jobs on social media

Discover the site where your application may get more attention

LinkedIn is still the No. 1 social media site for job hunters, according to Bullhorn Research, but Twitter is coming on strong.

Facebook is pulling up the rear as the least-effective, but don't think that means you get out of cleaning up your wall and taking down that way-too-casual profile photo; prospective employers will still look.

Bullhorn examined how recruiters are using social media, which is important news for IT job hunters: If you want to know where the jobs are, look for the recruiters. The research agency found that 48% of recruiters use only LinkedIn; 21% use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; and 19% use only LinkedIn and Twitter. Only 1% use Facebook exclusively.

Other important stats:

  • LinkedIn gets 3x more job views than Twitter and 5.7x more than Facebook.
  • Twitter gets 1.9x more job views than Facebook.
  • LinkedIn gets 8.8x more job applications than Facebook and 3x more than Twitter.

What does this mean for the IT job hunter?

Obviously, LinkedIn is still the social media hotspot for jobs. But, more importantly, don't sleep on Twitter. It's a hot bed for IT jobs and, according to Bullhorn, with fewer applicants and job views, your resume may get more attention via Twitter.

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