February: The best month to start job-hunting

Why the shortest month is the hottest for job hunting

If you're one of the 25% of IT pros planning to seek greener pastures this year, now is the time to start looking.

The Hired Guns' Allison Hemming says February is the month in which job postings start to accumulate, so what are you waiting for?

"Now that budgets are approved, the corporate housekeeping is complete, and hiring managers have finally gotten their heads around the new year, the jobs will start to appear by the score," she notes. "So here we are — org charts are set, budgets are approved, and the real race for talent is about to begin. If there was a time to have your resume and LinkedIn Profile ready to go, it would be now."

Now, what's one critical element missing from your LinkedIn profile? Seriously, you still don't have a decent headshot? Workfolio CEO Charles Pooley says a professional headshot is the No. 1 way to instantly improve your online professional presence.

"By getting your own professional headshot, you are making a statement that you care about your appearance (and your career, by extension) and sending a message that you have a standard of quality and professionalism that you uphold in everything you do," Pooley says. "This can be the determining factor that helps you rise to the top of the resume pile or get called back for the second-round interview."

If you're too shy to hire a pro, BrazenCareerist has a how-to for shooting a professional-looking selfie.

Notes PhotoFeeler's Stephanie Peterson: "Smartphone selfies are not awful in and of themselves; most people just don’t know how to take them correctly."

via The Hired Guns

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