Accessible technology development roundup: Yahoo creates a 3D search engine for the blind

Yahoo uses a 3D printer to help the visually impaired, WellPoint launches an accessibility initiative and IBM commits to EPUB

Here are some interesting news items and information about the development of accessible technology that I've read in the last week.

Yahoo's Hands on Search machineImage credit: Yahoo
Yahoo's Hands on Search machine

This news is from last fall, but was new to me: In Japan, Yahoo has created a search engine for visually impaired children using a 3D printer called Hands on Search.

ICYMI, AbleGamers recently gave out awards for the most accessible games of 2013, which I wrote about last week

IBM announced last week that they will now adopt EPUB as the format for all of their content. EPUB is an open standard for eBooks which is designed to work easily with assistive technologies.

Speaking of IBM, they’re currently looking for a Web Accessibility Consultant.

Health care company WellPoint announced an accessibility initiative this week to make all of its websites, mobile applications and print information more accessible, particularly for those with vision impairments.

If you are blind or visually impaired and live in Sydney, Australia, Google will pay you for your feedback on their mobile apps.

Popup dialog boxes are everywhere on the web these days but, as Nicholas Zakas recently wrote, they are often an “accessibility disaster” so he provides some tips for making them accessible.

Do you develop WordPress themes? Then, if you haven’t already, review their guidelines for making your themes accessible.

If you’re looking for tips on how to create accessible images, such as maps, charts and photographs, the DIAGRAM Content Working Group has created an Accessible Image Sample Book.

Designer Elliot Jackson has written a good primer on designing or developing apps for the visually impaired.

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