Percentage of IT pros with $100K+ salaries rises for 5th year in a row

Six-figure tech pros up 14% since 2008

More IT pros than ever are enjoying salaries north of $100,000, according to

The company's annual Tech Salary Survey finds that 35% of IT pros had $100,000+ salaries in 2013. That figure has risen 14% since 2008:

2008: 21%

2009: 25%

2010: 26%

2011: 28%

2012: 33%

2013: 35%

“Technology is now driving the customer experience for companies," says Dice President Shravan Goli. "The more technology professionals can impact the financial performance of a company, the more they deserve to be paid. Six-figure salaries are table stakes for software and mobile engineers, designers and data professionals."

So far, 2014 has brought nothing but good news on the IT job front. Not only is tech unemployment extremely low, but also IT salaries are on the rise for the ninth year in a row and high-paying jobs can be found throughout all areas of the U.S.

via Dice

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