Is Google Fiber coming to your city?

34 lucky cities could soon have gigabit internet speeds

If you think about it, internet access and speeds are some of the most enabling or crippling technolgies today. I would kill for Google Fiber.

Okay, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't move to one of these 34 cities invited to bring in Google Fiber, but for a few minutes I did consider it.

Google Fiber

34 lucky cities have the oppotunity to get internet access speeds up to 100 times faster than anyone else. Google Fiber includes high definition TV streaming, but the 1,000Mbps speed is the real draw. (Google Fiber subscribers also get 1TB of Google Drive storage space.)

Right now Google Fiber is only available in 3 cities: Austin, TX;  Kansas City, KS; and Provo, UT. Current prices range from $0 (yes, zero, at least for 7 years with a $300 construction fee) to $120 a month if you roll in TV service.

Who doesn't want this?! 

Google Fiber might be coming soon to a city near you. It depends on Google's deals with the local government, but in the 34 cities Google is exploring, Portland, Nashville, Atlanta, and others are under consideration.

Lucky ducks.

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