How LinkedIn can complement your resume

Why the social media powerhouse helps you avoid a common resume error

Get a decade or two into your career and it's time to start deleting once-key information from your resume.

Many professionals have a hard time removing former jobs or experience from the document, even though they are far in the past and may not be relevant to the job for which they are applying. After all, that is one of the top rules of modern-day resume writing: Only list jobs that are relevant to the position you want.

"It is essential to determine what jobs in the past proves relevant to the job(s) you are applying for," HR expert Wilson Campbell tells Undercover Recruiter. "Re-read your resume and you should determine if the jobs listed fall into these two categories: Recent and relevant. If a past-job does not qualify for these categories, leave it out."

For example, if you're a Web developer and applying for a similar position, you can axe the section detailing the Help Desk job you held for two years out of college. Not only is it irrelevant, it could date you if it's far in the past. Plus, extraneous jobs and experience bore the resume screener.

However, that Help Desk job is not gone forever because you can still include it in your LinkedIn Profile. While your resume is a laser-focused look at what you bring to an employer, your Profile is the unabridged version of your career.

"A LinkedIn profile will allow prospective employers the opportunity to learn more about your skills and better assess your qualifications," Carri Nebens, executive hiring manager and owner of Equis Staffing, tells CareerBuilder.

If you write a compelling-enough resume and include the link to your Profile - which you should - potential employers will be able to see everything you left out of your resume, that information is not gone forever.

Click below for more tips on what other old-school standards you should leave off your resume.

via CareerBuilder

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