What’s app?! Mark Zuckerberg gets a bargain [CARTOON]

WhatsApp founders sell their company to Facebook for $19 billion, but may wish they had asked for more

Cartoon showing Mark Zuckerberg walking into the WhatsApp offices saying, 'What's app, my new co-workers? Ha. Get it?' The two WhatsApp founders look at him and one says to the other, 'We should've asked him for more than $19 billion.'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
For $19 billion, he can make all the corny jokes he wants

While there were some big tech stories this week, like, say, the maker of Candy Crush filing for an IPO, none were as big as Facebook shelling out a whopping $19 billion in cash and stock to buy WhatsApp. Hoo doggy, that seems like a lot of money for a messaging app, but I guess Mark Zuckerberg feels it will give his company enough of a foothold in the mobile market in developing countries to be worthwhile. We'll see.

Of course, all I can think of when I hear about WhatsApp are the old Budweiser Wazz Up ads. Also, I figure the WhatsApp founders must sick and tired of hearing people say, "What's app?". Of course, if the guy who just gave them $19 billion for their company says it, they'd better smile and laugh like they never heard it before.

Anyway, I hope you had a great week, even if Facebook didn't buy your startup for $19 billion. Maybe next week!

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