Accessible technology development roundup: 7th grader builds Braille printer using LEGOs

A science fair project leads to an affordable Braille printer, the GMAT is now JAWS-compatible and Google talks about accessible video

Here are some interesting news items and information about the development of accessible technology that I've read in the last week:

The Braigo Braille printer, made from a LEGO Mindstorms kitImage credit: Facebook/Shubham Banerjee
The Braigo Braille printer

Shubham Banerjee, a seventh grader in California, recently built a low cost Braille printer using a LEGO Mindstorms kit. He calls IT Braigo and plans to open-source it and hopes that it will eventually become an affordable alternative in developing countries.

Last month at Streaming Media West, representatives from Google's Youtube team, Dell and T-Mobile talked about the current state and future of accessible video.

Adobe's accessibility group is looking for feedback on the support for two ARIA image attributes across different operating systems, browsers and assistive technology. They have a test you can take and a feedback form to fill out here.

Over the next few weeks the Graduate Management Admission Council will be releasing a version of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) that's compatible with the JAWS screen reader.

This Wednesday, February 26, Socitm will be leading a free webinar on web accessibility.

Accessibility consultant Denis Boudreau provided a simple yet great web accessibility tip this week: make sure there are no time limits for completing any actions on your web site, to accommodate those who need extra time.

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