How to get 100GB of extra storage space on Microsoft OneDrive for one year

It's good for only a year, but it's still 100GB free

In celebration of losing a trademark dispute and having to rename its SkyDrive online storage service to OneDrive, MIcrosoft is giving away boatloads of free OneDrive storage. You can now get up to 8GB of additional space through referrals or camera uploads, but, better yet, you can get 100GB for a year through simple everyday actions.

The key is Bing Rewards. If you're not familiar, you can earn credits on Microsoft's Bing incentives program just by searching, viewing web pages (usually with info about Microsoft products), and similar things. 

You can gain an extra 100GB of space on OneDrive by trading in 100 Bing Rewards credits. I haven't really used Bing Rewards at all, but somehow already have half of the amount needed.

Two things to note about this promotion: It only lasts for a year from the time you redeem the offer. It's not clear what happens to your files if they're over the regular free allotted space (7GB to start, plus the 8GB mentioned above), but probably you just won't be able to add more files until you delete the extra ones or pony up for more storage space.

The second thing is this promotion ends on June 30, 2014, so hop to it here.

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