How to land a job at a top tech company

HR dishes on why smarts aren't a slam dunk

When it comes to landing a job at a major IT company, HR pros say it's not solely a matter of knowledge, skills and experience.

"Our job candidates are used to being the smartest people in the room," Mike Guerchon, chief HR officer at Riverbed, tells U.S. News & World Report. "But when they come work on our team, everyone is super smart. We're looking for people who control their egos, who are collaborative by nature, who demonstrate flexibility and good listening skills, [have] a thirst for learning the things you don't know and collaborate with others for the greater good."

Riverbed, like others, is looking for an all-important cultural fit - an IT pro who not only knows his stuff but can play well with others and is looking to improve his skills. And the latter can play a critical role in hiring a person, even if the resume doesn't perfectly match the job requirements.

"We’re most interested in candidates who are hungry to learn," Guerchon adds. "I’ve had folks come in who are certainly smart, but maybe didn’t have all the right skills, but still, they had the right attitude. We don’t mind folks that don’t have the exact skills set we’re looking for, as long as they’re still thirsty to learn."

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via U.S. News & World Report

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