The surprising source of pay disparity for women in IT

Why women in tech are being paid less than their male counterparts

Grant Gordon, president of Solomon Consulting Group, says women are fleeing IT because they're often paid less than men. The reason behind the latter: They ask for less money.

"That’s right — they’re not getting paid less than men for equivalent IT roles because the companies are discriminating, but because they’re actually asking for lower compensation," he notes. "And many women are leaving IT because staying in an underpaid position is not worthwhile."

Gordon offers some sobering statistics on IT employment:

  • 54% of women in IT left the industry in the past 10 years.
  • Women get paid 10%-12% less than men in IT.

Gordon tells he recently spoke with Kansas City Women in Technology, a group that aims to get more women into tech and advance the careers of those already in the field. He notes that women in tech subject themselves to pay disparity for a variety of reasons.

"Women are often worried that they won’t get a higher number, or feel like they don’t fit every aspect of a job description and don’t want to risk losing an offer," he notes. "Male counterparts don’t often hesitate negotiating higher salaries for roles they know they still have to figure out. Most women, however, feel that if they work hard, prove themselves, and show what they can do, someone will take notice and reward them for it. Simply put: that is a road to nowhere!"

Click below for more analysis on female IT professionals, as well as four tips on how a tech pro of either gender can negotiate from a strong position.


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