The new LinkedIn change that's messed up your Headline

Why you need to rethink your LinkedIn Headline

LinkedIn has changed the design of its popular "Who's Viewed Your Profile" feature, which may be great from an artistic perspective, but a fail for those with longer Headlines.

Writing a great, eye-catching Headline has always been a LinkedIn must-do: In 120 characters grab a perspective connection's attention and stand out above the crowd.

But thanks to the site's new default vertical business-card-like WVYP view, Headlines over 45 or so characters get cut off.


John Doe Creative collaborator and team leader helping clients achieve their goals

is displayed in WVYP as

John Doe Creative collaborator and team leader helping

Not quite the desired effect. Andy Foote of LinkedInsights advises those who want to avoid being cut off to stick to 45 characters, which is about eight words.

"This ‘up-ended business card’ view is the default – it’s what people see when they check WVYP," he notes. "Also, because you can’t see how you present to others in WVYP, it’s therefore very likely that you’ll never know that your Headline is not working in this format, selling you short."

Click below to see exactly what this looks like and more advice.

via LinkedInsights

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