Coming to a Google Doc near you: voice dictation

Talking is faster than typing

Many of us speak (and think) faster than we type, so good news: Google Docs appears to be on the verge of introducing voice dictation. Instead of typing memos and other word-heavy documents, you can just pace around and talk to your computer. 

YouTube tech video producer Marques Brownlee spotted the new microphone icon in Google Docs. It's not available universally yet and Google hasn't made a formal announcement as of this writing, but Marques' screenshots suggest you'll be able to click on the microphone to start voice typing. Saying punctuation, such as "period," will also be possible.

The downside is voice dictation hasn't always been the most accurate, but Google Now's translations are usually pretty good. We'll have to see how well voice dictation works in Google Docs and whether you'll be able to create a custom voice dictionary, train voice recognition, and access similar other features found in dictation products like Dragon Naturally Speaking and even the speech recognition built into Windows.

For now, this is just another hint that the keyboard-less future is getting closer. Be on the lookout for that microphone in your Google Docs toolbar. [h/t Search Engine Roundtable]

CORRECTION (6/5/15): An earlier version of this article misspelled Marques Brownlee's name.

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