Simple steps to make resume updating easier

What you can do now to make resume-updating easier in the future

December is a month of serious retrospection. Every media outlet you come across is churning out Top 10 this or Best & Worst that.

It's not novel, but adapting that approach your career - looking back at the year before stepping into a new one - is a great practice, especially for your resume. Career experts always urge professionals to keep running lists of their accomplishments and responsibilities, but for most of us, that's a "would be great if I had the time, which I don't" endeavor.

However, in December, while you're mentally still in "this year", why not take a little time to make future resume updating much, much easier?

"Take stock of your accomplishments. Make a list of what you've done and create a forward-focused resume and online profile to highlight them," urges AOL Jobs' Miriam Salpeter.

Now, two out of those three suggestions may be more than you want to bite off this month, but you can make time to look back over the year and quickly jot down your highlights.

If you can, enumerate it all, or if not, just write down highlights - you can fill in the action verbs and quantifying details later.

If you did so much it's hard to keep track, page back through your calendar and e-mail subject lines, those will tell the tale of what you've been up to. You can also pull up your last performance review, which will give you more detail into your role and responsibilities. Even better, it's already written out for you.

Having this information on hand will not only make any future resume-updating much easier, but it will also help you come review time. If you haven't had your review yet, you'll be able to go in with your responsibilities and accomplishments top of mind - if your boss needs reminding.

via AOL Jobs

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