Refresh your resume with free Google Docs templates

Quickly give your resume a new look via Google Docs Template Gallery

Resume design is a priority just below resume content. If your professional best-foot-forward looks as if it were written on Office 95 - and it was - it's time to overhaul. If design is not your forte or interest, Chris Hoffman of the How-To Geek says you can easily adopt a fresh, new look for free with Google Docs. "While Microsoft has their own Office Online (formerly Office Web Apps) solution, it offers very limited templates and no resume template," he notes. "You’d have to do the formatting work yourself. Google Docs is the easiest, quickest option here."

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If you want to save time, Hoffman says Google is a solid alternative to Microsoft. "Sure, you could try to open the WordPad program included with Windows and put together a nicely formatted resume, but you’d go crazy trying to do all the formatting by hand. The resume templates in Google Docs make this much quicker," he notes. Once signed in with your Google account, head over to the Google Docs Templates Gallery, which hosts hundreds of cut-and-paste cover letters and resume formats, most divided between two general themes, Standard or Modern. Even better, users rank each template, which allows you to sort them by Hottest or Highest Rating, saving you valuable time you can use to write a better resume. For a step-by-step, click below. via the How-To Geek

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