875 free online courses from top universities, all in one place

The best free educational resources on the web can be found here

If there's something you want to learn, you probably don't have to pay for it. Top universities like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Oxford offer hundreds of free courses to teach you everything from astronomy to political science and beyond. Open Culture makes it easy to find and download these free audio and video lectures (27,000 hours in total!).

I mentioned Open Culture last year, but since then the organization has been busy curating 175 more resources to keep you busy for a lifetime of learning. So in case you missed it or just need a reminder, these free lectures are yours for the taking. In their words:

Our big list of free courses lets you download audio & video lectures from schools like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, Harvard and UC Berkeley. Generally, the courses can be accessed via YouTube, iTunes or university web sites. Right now you’ll find 100 free philosophy courses, 67 free history courses, 90 free computer science courses, and 47 free Physics courses on the list, and that’s just beginning to scratch the surface. Indeed you can also find sections covering Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Literature, Math, Political Science, Psychology and Religion. If you want to ballpark it, there are about 27,000 hours of free audio & video lectures here. And if you spend 8 hours per day enriching yourself, you can keep yourself busy for the next 10 years. At no cost.

You'll fidn the excellent Introduction to Computer Science from Professor David Malan at Harvard, Richard Dawkins' Growing UP in the Universe (Oxford), Allen Ginsperg's audio course on Jack Kerouac, and lots more.

Here's the master list, for your bookmarking pleasure: Open Culture

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