How to extend your Amazon Prime membership for another year at $79

Skip the $20 price hike

Amazon announced today that it's raising the price of Prime membership subscriptions from $79 to $99 a year. At $1.67 a month more, the service is still a great deal. However, some current Prime members are being told they won't get the price hike until 2015, while other loyal Prime members are going to renew at $99 a year this year. (Student members will also pay $10 more a year.) If that's you, here's the workaround.

As I said, the $20 increase isn't that bad, and for the fast shipping, free Kindle book borrowing, and a library of videos and TV shows to stream, Prime is still worth renewing. What's really irksome, though, is that Amazon does not seem to be fairly renewing all memberships. The official word from Amazon is that memberships that renew before April 17 will be charged the old $79 price, while memberships that renew on or after the 17th will be charged $99. Reports around the web, however, show some customers getting emails that their May, June, July or later memberships will renew at $79...while others renewing in April or other dates will get the new $99 charge. (I have an April 24 renewal date and got the $99 increase notice.)

Regardless...If you want to lock in the $79/year Prime membership for at least another year, Slickdeals member orick shows us how: Purchase a Prime Gift Membership for your own email address with the day after your membership expires for the delivery, and then turn off your Prime auto-renew. On the day after your membership expires, you'll have the Prime membership again--at the $79 price.

[via CNET]

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