IT pros: Focus on new skills, mobile for max hiring appeal

Inside the skills tech pros should learn or sharpen to land a top job

IT pros who want to make themselves as marketable as possible in the 18 months need to think mobile and take charge of their own training.

That's the advice of's Catherine Powell, who says companies want tech pros who are proactive about improving their skill set.

"Hiring managers have figured out that tomorrow’s skills won’t be today’s skills, so they’re looking for learners," she notes.

Powell says the chances are good your current employer will help you learn the skills you want.

"With the time and productivity crunch managers face — not to mention their desire to sweeten the pot for qualified talent — they’re going to be more inclined to support your ideas for training," she adds. "More and more companies are creating training budgets that employees can use any way they want."

And while you're learning, Powell says it's imperative you think mobile: "Software developers and the companies they work for need to reach people where they are: on their phones. That means more apps, more mobile websites and more emphasis on semi-connected use."

She advises:

  • PC developers learn how to build mobile apps.
  • Web developers focus on responsive design and mobile constraints.
  • Server developers: "You’ll be building a lot of REST APIs," she notes.

Click below for her predictions for JavaScript Frameworks, testing integration and more.

via Dice

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