Get the inside edge on IT jobs via a new LinkedIn feature

How one improvement to LinkedIn’s Jobs page gives you a gigantic advantage

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of IT jobs and new improvements to its Jobs page will deliver a distinct advantage to those who take advantage of it. Career Coach Nancy Collamer outlines the enhancements, including the one with the greatest potential for job-hunters: "Discover jobs in your network."

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This, the second half of your Jobs page (under the keyword-driven "Jobs you may be interested in") lists any of your Connections' companies that are hiring. You’ll see a company logo then tiny headshots of your 1st and 2nd Connections. "The No. 1 way to get hired today is by snagging a referral from someone you know who works for an employer with a job opening. LinkedIn’s 'Discover jobs in your network' feature has made that task a whole lot easier," Collamer notes. "LinkedIn will also let you know if you, or one of your Connections, has a link to the person who posted the job, along with a friendly reminder to ask for an introduction to the hiring manager. It’s an amazingly sophisticated function." Job Tips for Geeks' Dave Fecak calls the use of a friend on the inside as "going through the side door." Bypassing HR and an ATS system and getting your resume into the hands of a hiring manager with IT experience is a staggering competitive edge. Click below for more details on LinkedIn Jobs page improvements and how they can help your search. via Next Avenue

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