Amazon Prime members: get a year of free 2-day shipping from Shoprunner

Fast shipping from other popular online stores...for free

Sometimes when one company raises prices, we consumers benefit. Today's case example is Amazon's $20 increase for Amazon Prime membership (which you can still get around if you really want to). Shoprunner, noticing Prime members' distress at this price hike, is offering us unlimited 2-day shipping for free for a year.

The free 2-day shipping works at major online retailers such as Newegg, Radio Shack, Toys R Us, Timberland, and Tiger Direct--and even the delivery fee from Dominos. Like Prime for Amazon, there's no minimum order size. Even better, return shipping is free (unlike with Amazon Prime).

To get the free year, however, you'll have to provide proof of your current Prime membership (not yet renewed), and that involves jumping through a few hoops. In your Amazon account, take a screenshot of the printable receipt for your Prime membership andthen email it to

Even if you decide to stick with Prime, you can still get the free year of ShopRunner, which is normally worth $79. (After your free one year trial, your membership will expire and your credit card won't be charged unless you authorize it.)

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