Inside the Top 5 leaders in retail IT hiring

Which retailer posted more than 17,000 IT jobs last year?

Unsurprisingly, the king of online sales is the hotspot of retail IT hiring.

Tim Denman of Retail Info Systems News reports that Amazon was the top IT retail recruiter for 2013, listing 17,008 jobs online.

"Amazon is at its heart a technology company. We just happened to do retail first," notes Andrew Jassey, the company's senior vice president of Web services.

Amazon's postings accounted for more than 57% of all open jobs listed in the Top 10.

There was a steep drop-off to the No. 2 position held by eBay, which posted 3,647 jobs. Denman notes that Best Buy would have landed in the runner-up spot if the report included its Geek Squad recruiting. However, the report focuses on "true" IT jobs. (Insert your own snicker here.)

RIS News notes that eBay needs a "constant influx of new IT talent to keep its infrastructure performing."

"In addition to maintaining current systems, the retailer is investing in new technology and projects, bringing its services to the brick-and-mortar world," the site reports.

Other top job posters and their major IT initiatives:

#3. CVS Caremark: 2,332 jobs, enhancements to customer experience and digital and mobile initiatives.

#4 Walmart/Sam's Club: 1,369 jobs, "investing heavily" in flexible fulfillment with ship-to-store.

#5 Sears: 1,258 jobs, building an online community "to help pull the iconic brand out of its current tailspin."

Click below to discover the top hiring retailers in positions 6-10.

via RIS News

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